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5 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing | Email Setup Guide

Email marketing is a strategy where you can reach a large group of recipients via email to promote your products and services. Your emails may relate to an upcoming sale, a new version, a special offer, or anything related to your business. The idea is mainly to create brand awareness and generate loyalty and trust when reaching people via email.

Email Marketing

5 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing:

The following are the ways to make money with email.

  • 1. Start with a targeted list:

Your campaign should start by creating a specific email list. The best way to collect email is to convert your visitors into a subscriber. Because not all of your visitors might be willing to register and sign up. Many successful email marketers have used and achieved excellent results using a pop-up window with the intention of leaving to convert visitors who leave the website into subscribers. Pop-up windows with the intention of exiting are strategically designed to be displayed on the user’s screen as soon as they try to leave the site or open a new tab. For example, this simple pop-up window has generated 967 new contacts for Singularity University.

  • 2. Write an attractive email:

So his title convinced his follower to open the email. And now? If they don’t read something convincing, you may lose their attention. To prevent this from happening, you can follow these tips:

  • Use persuasive writing. Make sure to ask the reader to take a specific action.
  • Keep sentences and short paragraphs. In this way, it will be easy for your readers to understand your message without losing interest.
  • Create a connection with readers. You can do it in the tone of your writing.
  • Always use the first person when writing your emails. This allows your readers to hear that you are conversing directly with the reader.
  • Personalize the email using the name of the reader. Using your name in the email can make you feel that the email was written specifically for them. This can help you get your attention very quickly.

Finally, be relevant and precise. People don’t have time for long emails. Besides, they are boring. So don’t waste time talking about unnecessary things. Stick to the point and quickly pass the message.

  • 3. Try Upselling:

An excellent way to earn extra money with email marketing is to sell your products or services. This is a popular method, in which the user is very cleverly convinced to make a further purchase.
For example, you are selling a product for $ 20. You can convince your user to spend ONLY one dollar more to get better quality of the same product.

  • 4. Related cross-selling products:

Another effective way to make money with email marketing is to sell related products. Using this technique, you can convince your user to spend some extra money to purchase an additional product of interest. For example, suppose you are using your email marketing campaign to sell lip balm to your users and have successfully convinced them to make the purchase. Once payment is made, you can send an automatic email recommending a related product that you are selling, such as a hand lotion. Since the buyer is interested in lip balm, they are likely to also purchase a lotion.

  • 5. Shipping and tracking:

The last step is to press the send button. But that is not all. Sometimes your followers won’t act simply by reading your email. So don’t forget to follow me. Wait a day or two after sending the email. After that, you can send a quick tracking email to your subscribers. This acts as a gentle reminder and increases the chances that people will actually act.